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Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png This falls under the Self Supported category of services. No direct end user support is available for these features.

These settings are all configured on Some settings will not work with Email Forwarding.

If you want to download your spam messages using an email client such as Outlook Express or Apple Mail, you will need to change some of the default settings. See Email Client Spam settings for instructions

For more advanced Spam troubleshooting instructions, see Troubleshooting Anti-Spam Problems.


Default Spam Settings

The webmail system's default spam filter settings are as follows:

  • Identified Spam is delivered to the Spam folder of the interface.
  • Identified Spam is only visible in the webmail client.
  • Identified Spam is not downloaded to via the pop client unless you log into and move it from the Spam folder to your inbox.

Accessing Anti-spam Settings

1. Log into the webmail interface at


2. Select Options
3. Select SPAM Filtering Options


Toggling Anti-Spam Preferences

Image:Dialog-information-22px.png These settings are ignored if you setup an email forward.
Image:Dialog-information-22px.png These settings are useful for integration with POP client access methods as described here.
Toggle the preference settings at the right and select the Update Settings button


Whitelist and Blacklist Settings

You can setup rules to either exempt specific senders from email filtering or cause them to always be considered spam with the left portion of the interface. This is described in detail in the anti-spam interface.
Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png Warning: Don't whitelist yourself or the entire domain! This seems like a good idea, but "From" addresses are easily forged, and imitating you is a favorite trick of sneaky spammers!


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