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Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png This falls under the Self Supported category of services. No direct end user support is available for these features.


Post Office Protocol (POP) is an application layer Internet standard protocol used to retrieve email from a remote server to a local client over a TCP/IP connection. Nearly all individual Internet Service Provider email accounts are accessed via POP3.

Also see the Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

Configuring your Email Client

If you would like step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Mailbag email account in a POP email client, then please refer to the configuration article links below. If you're just looking for the settings themselves, they're just a bit further down the page.

Email Client Configuration Articles

Please note that we don’t support any software issues related to your email client. If you are experiencing issues that are related to your email client, you will need to contact the email client's vendor. The email client setup articles below each contain a link to that email client's vendor support web site.

Email Client Settings

Receiving Messages

Username your Mailbag username (example: in, joe is the username)
Protocol/Mail Tye POP3
Incoming Port 110
Incoming Server
Note: The POP Clients and SPAM section has details on how to integrate a POP client with the Mailbag Spam filter.

Email Client Settings for Sending Messages

Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png Warning: You are welcome to use our servers for sending outbound email if your Internet Service Provider allows it, but in most cases they will not. If you can't get the settings below working, contact your ISP and ask for their outbound email relay settings.
Protocol SMTP
Port* 25 or 587
Pop Before SMTP** ON
SMTP Authentication OFF
*Port 587 may work if your ISP blocks port 25 to us but does not block 587. If neither port works, you will have to contact your ISP and use their server for outbound email relay.
**Many clients have a setting labeled Check for new email before sending instead of Pop Before SMTP. This should be set to on or yes.

POP Clients and SPAM

Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png This falls under the Self Supported category of services. No direct end user support is available for these features.

By default, if you are using a POP email client to download and read your email, then you will not see any messages that the spam filter has marked as spam. This is because the filter moves spam to the Spam folder, and your mail client will only download email in the Inbox folder.

If you use a POP email client and want to see your spam messages, then you have two options:

  • Log into at least once a week and check the contents of your Spam folder. Spam messages more than 7 days old are deleted from the server.
  • Change your spam filtering options as follows so that spam messages are kept in the Inbox folder:
    • SPAM Scanning = ON
    • Subject Prefixing = ON (puts **SPAM( _SCORE_)** at the beginning of the subject line)
    • Deliver Spam to which folder? = INBOX

For a listing of default spam settings and instructions on how to change the spam settings, see Anti-Spam Settings.

If you choose to download your spam messages, you may also be able to set up a filter rule within your email client to look for **SPAM in the subject line of emails and move those messages to a spam folder within your email client.

Image:Dialog-information-22px.png Please contact your POP client software vendor for documentation and specific instructions on how to setup a filter rule.
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