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Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png This falls under the Self Supported category of services. No direct end user support is available for these features.

Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png Warning: Do not report missed-forwarded Spam to your other vendor or they may stop accepting your forwarded email!


Using Email Fowarding

1. Log into the webmail interface at


2. Select Options
3. Select Set Mail Forward


4. Fill in email address and hit submit to set an email forward, or submit a blank form to cancel forwarding.


Details and Restrictions

  • Forward settings are displayed in yellow feedback line.
  • You can only forward to 1 destination address.
  • You can not forward email and deliver it locally.
  • Some Anti-Spam Preferences are forced when forwards are setup to protect our servers reputation.
    • Spam Scanning is forced ON
    • Deliver Spam to which folder? is forced to Spam
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