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On August 17 2009, the email services will transition to a new server. This page covers details of that transition.


Change Details

Systems and Software Changes

  • Everything is newer faster and better.

New Self Help Documentation Portal

  • You're looking at it!

Support Policy Changes (Details)

  • Direct end user support is limited.
  • No direct phone in support.
  • Please see our Support Policy before requesting support.

Anti-Spam Changes (Details)

  • No Anti-Spam Digests
  • End Users Control Their Own Anti-Spam Configuration
  • By default, Spam is only available in "Spam" folder of the webmail interface (You can change this.)

Webmail Changes (Details)

  • More features
  • New Look
  • Address Book
  • Email Forwarding Option (Details)
  • Control of Anti-Spam Options (Details)

POP Client Changes: eudora outlook etc. (Details)

  • Reference POP Clients and Spam if you want to change the default Anti-Spam behaviour
  • Email clients should not need to be reconfigured
  • POP Client Usage falls under the Self Supported category of services.

What Do I Need To Do?

1. Be prepared for webmail to look and work a little differently

  • You can test drive the new version as noted below.
  • The documentation reference "" but there is no need to change your bookmarks. The old address will continue to work after the transition.

2. Be aware of the Anti-Spam & Support Policy changes itemized above

3. You should not need to make any changes to your email client

4. If you do have email client problems after the transition, try the following.

  1. Try restarting the client.
  2. Verify your settings
  3. If sending is broken, try the alternate SMTP port 587 or your ISPs email server.

Test Driving the New Webmail

Excited to play with the new webmail interface before we cut over? Go right ahead. Just be aware of the following.

  • Email is not synced to the new system so this is not a valid way to check for new email before the cut over.
  • Any settings you modify (with the exception of anti-spam) will be wiped out when we do the final data migration.
  • There may be service outages as we make final changes ahead of the migration.
  • That said... Documentation is here and the new interface is right here! Feel free to take a look.
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