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Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png As of 7/17/09, the mailbag personal web pages are shut down. FTP is currently still up. You can still retrieve your content if you act fast!

Personal web pages were formerly bundled with the mailbag residential dial in Internet service. These web services were turned off on 7/17/09. This pages tells how to retrieve the content while it is still available.


I don't know if I have a personal web page!

You can try connecting to the server via ftp according to the instructions below. If you had a personal web page, its content will still be there waiting for you to retrieve it.

Retrieval Process Summary

  1. ftp to
  2. log in with mailbag credentials
  3. Download your content

Detailed Example Using IE for FTP

If you recall what program you used to upload the content and still have that tool, you may want to use that. Any FTP client should do.

Alternatively, you can use Internet Explorer (your web browser).

Enter into the URL bar (labeled Address) of IE (replacing YOUR_USER_NAME with _your_ mailbag user name, e.g.

You will be prompted to log in as seen below. Once logged in, you can copy and paste or drag and drop the files as you would normally do to copy a file.


Now that I have my content, what do I do?

That's entirely up to you. There are too many alternate web service providers to itemize them all. A few are listed below for convenience, though this is not an endorsement for or against them.

Getting your web site content uploaded and working on a new service is between you and your new provider and not something we can support.

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