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The free Mailbag E-mail Service is provided as a gift to our former residential ISP customers out of gratitude for our long relationship together.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the same high-touch support you were accustomed to with this free version of the Mailbag E-mail Service. Please review our new support policy before requesting support.

We hope you enjoy the improved and now free version of the Mailbag E-mail Service.



Services are broken down into three categories:

  1. CDW-Supported Services
  2. Self-Supported Services (end user responsibilities)
  3. Unsupported Services

CDW-Supported Services

Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png Telephone support is not available for Mailbag service. CDW-Supported Services (listed below) are supported via an online form only. See the Requesting Support section for details on how to request support.
Core Functions of Browser-Based Email Access ( )
  • Ability to send email from
  • Access to receive email through
  • Authentication (password resets) for access to and POP
POP3 Service on the Mailbag Server
  • POP3 Service on the Mailbag server's service only (Client-side software is Self-Supported.)
SMTP Service on the Mailbag Server
  • SMTP service for the Mailbag server only (Client-side software is Self-Supported.)
Anti-Spam Scanning on the Mailbag Server
  • Anti-spam software working & updated for the Mailbag server. (Managing specific anti-spam settings is Self-Supported'.)
Anti-Virus Scanning on the Mailbag Server
  • E-mail passing through the Mailbag server is scanned.
  • Software and signature updated on the server.
  • Warning: Your PC must also run its own anti-virus software.
Mailbag Reference Guide
  • Refer to portal for information
  • Support request form is available for submitting issues related to the items listed above.

Image:Dialog-information-22px.png The services on the server are monitored. We will detect and respond to server-side problems even when no direct end user support is available for the client-side software.

Self-Supported Services

This category of services are available for your use, monitored for availability, and documented through We sincerely hope that you enjoy these additional services and explore them with the self help documentation. Unfortunately we will no longer help you get them working, or help you troubleshoot them.

Non-Core functions of Browser-Based E-mail Access ( )
Client-Side Vendor Software Email Client Vendor Links
  • POP3 clients (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) POP Client tips
  • SMTP Relay from email clients (Outbound email)
  • Anti-Virus for your PC

Unsupported Services

Image:Dialog-information-22px.png This category is essentially everything not explicitly itemized above.

There is no support available for the following:

  • Web page help (personal web pages were retired in July 2009)
  • Internet Connectivity (Support should be requested through your Internet Service Provider.)
  • Email communication issues to or from specific third-party email accounts
  • Computer-stability issues (viruses, browser bugs, crashing programs, etc.)
  • Auto-responders and out-of-office replies
  • Restoring lost, deleted, or purged email
  • Additional items not specifically specifically itemized as CDW-Supported Services or Self-Supported Services

Requesting CDW Support

Image:Dialog-warning-22px.png Telephone support is not available for Mailbag service.
Image:Dialog-information-22px.png Your first resource for support is the documentation on this site
  1. Review the list of CDW-Supported Services.
  2. Review the Mailbag Reference Guide
  3. If you are having trouble with a CDW-Supported Service, send us the details of the issue by using the Support Request Form.
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